Total enterprise solution and supply-chain technology.

Maestro synchronizes media, print, paper, postage, logistics and supply-chain management into a single, outsourced function.

  • The process starts with identifying opportunities to outsource.
    We help clients to unearth opportunities for outsourcing by examining all areas of an organization that procure or use print services. We find and eliminate unnecessary redundancies and costs related to procurement and print collateral. We explore and expose ways to maximize efficiencies and economies of scale in the supply chain. We analyze options, potential outcomes and return on investment. From this due diligence, we make strategic recommendations to our clients about how, where, when and to whom to outsource print procurement.

  • Project management and process reengineering follow.
    The process doesn’t stop at recommendations. We guide our clients through the outsourcing of print procurement by serving as project managers and process reengineers. We become an extension of your organization, developing and managing a team of external vendors (our partners in the global print and paper industries) and internal employees assigned to the outsourced print procurement function.
    We work with this team, providing oversight, recommendations and the knowledge necessary to make informed decisions. Together, we strategically source each printing project to the most appropriate supplier for best value and highest quality.

  • Transformation occurs through technology and transparency.
    Outsourcing without accountability is irresponsible. Maestro’s proprietary TurboPrint web-based software enables clients to remain in full view and ultimate control of the print procurement process. TurboPrint is a safe, secure, project-management enterprise portal designed specifically for print procurement.
    At the TurboPrint dashboard, authorized users can manage all aspects of print procurement. With TurboPrint, we work together and collaborate better.
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